Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Must. Visit. This. Place

Don’t Do Anything Stupid!

Look At Your Last Text

Wow, That Was Quick

Naughty Boys Need…Milking??

I Don’t Think She Has A Heart Either

I Don’t Remember Doing Anything of This Sort?

I can only has thwee wegs - You can have mine

I have no memory of this place

How does she know?!

Food is ready. Come eat baby. Not now, woman. I'm killing zombies. Le press 
(ESC). Pause menu appears. How does she know?!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Understanding fail

What Not So Say At The End Of A Date?

Awkwardest Request to Girlfriend Ever

Must Not Watch This Movie

Babe, Enough With the Whale Jokes

Unexpected Surprise

Mom, You Still Have an Autocorrect.

Photoshop level - Unimaginable!!

The killer - The killa - Tequila

Is your mac broken? Acquire a screwdriver - Destroy it - Buy a pc

Reads all the labels

Rejected by all the girls

Monday, 28 November 2011

Carol, You’re Grounded

Son, Too Much Information


Your Dad’s A Pervert?

Losing a Kid

He’d Never Wish Her Mothers Day, Ever Again

Hope Your Mother Dies, Bro.

You've been trolled by your brain

Yes.. Yes it does

Where can I buy one now

Wait.. What

Team work

Scumbag customer

Sandals glued to the floor. Lol!

Me a smart a*s

I got to try this,,

He will never have a girlfriend!

Happy new year

Happy microwave

Hairstyle fail


3 Tips on using public toilets

Can you see it

But when the door is shut again - I said meow

Cat standing at door and meowing incessantly.. Open door for cat.. Cat is suddenly content with current position.. But when the door is shut again - I said meow

My nose starts leaking bloods

Me, taking out the trash one normal evening. When suddenly, being prone to nosebleeds and all, my nose starts leaking bloods. I came this far and no nosebleed will keep me from my duties. But then, to my horror, i feel a sneeze coming on... Here it comes.. Quantles of noseblood gets all over my shirt and face... And just then my neighbor goes outside to derp around... Close..

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