Saturday, 31 March 2012

Married Men Will Get This

What Has She Done To Deserve This?

How To Check If A Gun Is Loaded

Virginity Level : Inifinity

Dirty Mind

Put That Thing Away Woman!

Hmm, No Autocorrect After All Then

HOT Girls Always Make The Stupidest Mistakes

Bus windows the ultimate philosophy school

Your boyfriend cheated on you?

Please, tell me more about how the entire male population is responsible.

Lmao Man You've Just F*cked Up

Just weed smoke bubbles

I want a tank!

They Serve Some Nice Ice-T Here

Just toilet paper

OMG! They Can’t Be!


Twins.. WAIT, WHAT?

Why Do Cats Do It?

How To Troll A Genie And Get Rich Fast

Mom! You Have Got The Wrong End Of The Stick

Remember playing this? Then your Childhood was so AWESOME

The Very Stupid LOGIC of Grand Theft Auto

Oh Froggie, You Turn Me On

I have no freaking idea why people write like this

I immediately regretted that decision

Kids are growing up too fast in this day and age

My sleeping self is a d!ck

People’s stupidity continues to amaze me

Waking up on a school day vs. On a holiday

My Dream Job

Being alone is better than being with the wrong person


Dude, Let's Rob A Bank!


So I Heard You Like Dead People?

I Wasn't That Drunk.. Was I?

Who Uses My Crunches When I’m Injured..

Just A Tiger And Her Babies.. Wait What???

The best things in life are absolutely free…DAMN TRUE!

You're Doing What With My Sister?!

Hey, have you actually got friends???

So that’s where I get my sense of humor from…

The best thing Youtube has ever done

These people should not be allowed out of their homes – WTF

This dude had NO idea that he was being trolled

The Best Day of My Life – FUQ YEA

I Wish My Dad Was Like That!

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