Monday, 30 April 2012

It's A Real Life Pikachu!

Hey Baby Girl...

Boyfriend Owns Girlfriend With Text!

Definitely Not Photoshopped!

What Women Really Do While Shopping

It Can Even Put Hairs On Her Chest!

WOW! How Drunk Were You When You Did This!

Silly Woman, Has No Skills!

Hate it when those tree’s just float…

This happens every few days.

The Kama Sutra of Sleeping for Couples

Truth, it is

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea

Whenever I Try to Compliment a Hot Girl!

Peek a B00b

Cool Shot Glasses

Are you a trap card?

My Ex’s Feelings about me

Every dog does that

Hey I just met you!

Tired to slap you…

Because I got high…

Dear Waiter, Y U No Stop Doing It?

How to be a Batman…

Now that is an EPIC burn!!!

My Girlfriend Has Too Much Time on Her Hands!

You’ve a Small Pen!s

I Dig Em Girls, Oh Wait!

What? What do you want

It’s true men never get old!

Terrible Compliments

Always listen to hamsters

Saved that city enough times…

You came to the wrong village…

Teenage Dreams

So Are My Pants Now!

Trolling like a Pooh

What a Boyfriend. WOW

You think it’s better to draw with a Penis? WTF

Hey doc, how are you???

Trying to cheat during an exam…LIKE A BOSS

Taking a shower, a wild idea appears!

That AWKWARD moment when you’re seated right next to your crush!

How Is That Even Attractive!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Girls Of Australia

Shut Up, You Still Would

Talking Dirty, You’re Doing It Right!

Ok.. Maybe Smoking Is Cool If You Do It This Way!

Are They Meant To Be This Low?!?

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