Thursday, 31 May 2012


Having a Fap Room in Your House? ME GUSTA!

Cuteness Fail

Damn! How Did She Know?!

Awesome Song for her ex-boyfriend!

This must be your best school memory !

But My doctor is Hot !

The Nokia 3310 and Lumia 900

Your face and Baby's Butt

You wasted half of your life !

Is your girlfriend cheating on you ?

Comparison between Mona Lisa and Megan Fox

Dat AS* Megan Fox

Kim Kardashian getting dumped

She will never have a boy friend ! OMG

Ignore the people who talk behind you because !

If you have tried this you were awesome !

Barney stinson is HOT !

Dad , How do you spell accident ?

Have you ever been to Mcdonalds like this

You cannot Miss this ! Brilliant

Before & After Facebook

Boys Vs Girls - Throwing Up

Democracy Has Arrived

LOL Harry Potter !

Ooh I'm Sorry, Let Me Just Cover Up My Awesomeness!

Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris; The Truth

Kids Before Vs Kids Now

Hello - Yes this is bathtub

When I Don't Answer My Phone..

Toys For Girls And Boys

Dude, Don't Ever Speak Of This Again

How I See My Girlfriend! ;-( Lol

Dad I’m Not A Virgin Anymore

The True Avenger

The True Avenger

Asian Or Too Much Make Up?

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

There's A Bug On The Wall!

How Reality Has Ruined Gaming

More Painful Than Child Birth?

What the hell is this guy looking at…?

I Don’t Think Jesus Would Do That…

H0rny boyfriend loose his control!

Karma is a B!TCH

How women see men vs. How men see women

Are you going to ask him out?

Girlfriend`s BRA

What did ocean say to the other ocean?

Let Me Help You

Hunny i did something bad

Random Jokes


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