Friday, 31 May 2013

Voldermot just ruined his life.

Voldermot just wanted blood from harry potter.harry reveals something that ruins voldermot's life. comics meme, harry potter jokes. harry potter most funny comic ever

Batman just made C0nd0ms for Wonder Woman.

Wonder woman of justice league has requested for something from batman, which was already ordered by superman. comics, Iphone autocorrect texts. Epic superhumans conversations

When You See It You'll Shit Bricks

When You See It You'll Shit Bricks

Power of my Nokia.

The power of real old nokia mobile phones, it even causes earthquake,derp and derpina sleeping when derpnia sense an earthquake.That is a message on nokia.funny meme,nokia jokes

When You See It You'll Shit Bricks

Please wait to be seated

Carbon surprise - Scientists announced on friday that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere had reached 400 parts per million

a tipping point that global warming activists had long feared would bring about planet-wide destruction. absolutely nothing happened

Photoshop Fail Or Real?

Did You Know That A Forbidden Love In China Between A Young Man And Older...

The Top Scene On Top Of A Train In Skyfall Was Actually Filmed....

Thursday, 30 May 2013

You are not match for my powers of cuteness

Where boys become men and men become dad

And would it kill you to smile, maybe

Is this a real puppy, or not - It's not, ha!!!

Twilight Movie Mistakes

Twilight Movie Mistakes. Theses are some mistakes the director made while making twilight movie , funny movie mistakes . twilight facts and jokes

10 Psychological Facts

The Cost Of Being Iron Man 3

Some Amazing Things Disney Taught Me!

I don't care about your fruits, if i fits, i sits

I'm learning stick please keep distance

Can't someone else just do it?

Let me just get that for you bro

I'll be back in 5 minutes were her last words

The Smartest People In The World

Parents Of The Year!

She Loves You More Than EVER...But As A Friend

How The... Do You Do That

Did You Know That A Man In China Has Kept Himself...







Wednesday, 29 May 2013

5 Curious Facts About America That You Didn’t Know /Part 2/

5 Curious Facts About America That You Didn’t Know /Part 1/

Top 16 Most Expensive Materials In The World

Harsh, But Effective!

Random Jokes


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