Tuesday, 9 July 2013

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Monday, 8 July 2013

7 differences between Pepsi And Coke you didn’t know

1. If you ever find yourself in a heated Pepsi-Coke dispute, forget the point: “Coke came first”. John Pemberton, the creator of Coca-Cola, created it in the year 1886 in Fulton County, Georgia. There were many prohibition laws regarding Coca-Cola at the time but these were all passed eventually. Pepsi, however, was created in 1893 by a man named Caleb Bradham of North Carolina.
2. The nutrition label on Pepsi bottles state that it contains just over one gram of sugar, this is most certainly not the case. Pepsi contains many artificial sweeteners (which are not classed as sugars hence why it only has one gram of sugar within itself) hence making it much sweeter than coke. As a consequence, this gives Pepsi a slight chemical aftertaste.
3. Coke has a characteristically “raisin-vanilla” taste. This is due to the chemical ‘vanillan’. Pepsi, however, has a citrus flavour that disperses as it is drunk.
4. “Spheres” are the measurement of how carbonated a drink is (how much CO2 is dissolved into it). Pepsi has a lesser amount of spheres in comparison to Coke. So if one opens a can of coke, it’s going to be more carbonated than a can of Pepsi, in turn making it fizzier!
5. To lower people’s perspective on Coke, Pepsi developed a formula that was designed for taste tests. They formulated a marketing scheme, “The Pepsi Challenge”. Pepsi’s distinctive citrus taste and its lesser carbonation worked in its favour. In the majority of cases, when comparing the two beverages, people generally preferred the beverage with a more intense flavour and less carbonation.
6. Although Pepsi has more sweeteners in comparison to Coke, Coke has a larger salt content. In a 240 mL serving, Coke contains 33 mg of sodium in comparison to that of 20 mg in Pepsi. Sodium has an impact on ones blood pressure, so be aware.
7. If you’re looking for a little energy boost at any time of the day, I would recommend Pepsi as it contains three more grams of caffeine than Coke.

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Sunday, 7 July 2013

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Saturday, 6 July 2013

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Thursday, 4 July 2013



I`m overall this

I`m overall this

Harlem shaking

Harlem shaking

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